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Broken undersea AAG cable slows Internet down across Southeast Asia

  • Wednesday, 7th January, 2015
  • 15:42pm
If you are part of our CDN the nthis wouldn't have much of an impact on you.

If your Internet connection has been slow over the last couple of days, this is one occasion where your ISP probably isn’t to blame.

A section of the the main undersea Internet cable which connects large parts of Southeast Asia with America has been severed.

The Thanh Nien News reports that operator Asia-America Gateway (AAG) has confirmed the breakage occurred on Monday in the Vietnamese section of the cable which slowed the Internet to Vietnam and Hong Kong.

The AAG Trans-Pacific underwater cable system stretches more than 20,000km and connects Southeast Asia via Guam and Hawaii with the U.S. east coast

It is unclear if Thailand has been affected directly, as technically speaking Thailand receives its Internet via a different segment of the cable.

This isn’t the first time the underwater cable, operated by AAG has ruptured.

Back in Sept 2014, Thailand and other countries in the region suffered weeks of slow Internet access whilst operators set about repairing that particular breakage.

The latest update regarding the most recent damage to the cable suggests that it could be more than one month before the cable is fully repaired and Internet access returned to normal in Vietnam.

It is unknown what caused the damage to the cable this time around, although underwater cables have been known to have been damaged by shipping vessels and even sharks.

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